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Example of In-Text Citation for Multiple Resources by the Same Author, Published in the Same Year:

Several articles (Riggs, 1999a, 1999b, 1999c; Riggs & Zhang, 1999; Zhang, in press) address library issues in the new millennium.

Example of a Bibliography Entry for Multiple Resources by the Same Author, Published in the Same Year:  

The three articles by Don Riggs published in 1999 are arranged alphabetically by article title, and the letters a, b, and c are added to the date. For the other article by Riggs and Zhang published in 1999 is arranged alphabetically by the two authors' names so no letter is added after the year of publication. See also the APA Blog posting on this topic.

References example (don't forget to indent the second and subsequent lines):

Riggs, D. E. (1999a). Academic library leadership: Observations and questions. College and Research Libraries, 60(1), 6-8.

Riggs, D. E. (1999b). Faculty status for librarians: Force-fitting into an inappropriate mold or not? College and Research Libraries, 60(4), 305-306.

Riggs, D. E. (1999c). Research: Value, methods, and publishing. College and Research Libraries, 60(3), 208-209.

Riggs, D. E., & Zhang, S. L. (1999). Human implications of technology's impact on the content of library science journals. Library Trends, 47(4),788-795.

Zhang, S. L. (in press). Human implications of technology's impact on the content of library science journals in the 21st century. Library Trends.

More information:

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