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There are a few ways that you can find a specific article. The fastest way would be to use the Multi-Search box on our on the library homepage. Multi-Search searches many databases at the same time, so it’s a good place to start.

Type in the full title of the article with quotations (this tells the search engine to search for the words together as a phrase, instead of individual words, which should yield you more accurate search results). If the article is in one of the databases that is linked up to the Multi-Search, then the results should display the article you are looking for. You can then click on the title of the article to see more information and access the full text.

Not all of our databases are searchable in the Multi-Search. If your search does not bring up the article, and if you know the database where the article is located, you can search directly in that database. You can find our databases by clicking on the A – Z Database List link on the library homepage.

You can also use the Periodical Finder to locate specific articles by the journal in which they were published. This is a useful tool if you don’t know the database where the article is located and if the Multi-Search does not bring it up for you. You can find the link for the Periodical Finder by clicking on the "Find Articles, eBooks & More" link in the navigation bar across the top of the library homepage.

On the Periodical Finder page, click on the link for the Citation Linker underneath the search box:

Screenshot of Citation Linker link

This will bring up a form with several fields. The form requires at least one of the following: Journal Title, ISSN, DOI or PMID. Other fields are optional, but for best results, fill in as much information as you can about the article you are looking for. Click the blue “Find It” button to submit the search.

This search will bring up a page with publication details about the journal, along with a link that says “Search within this publication.” (Note: this may appear differently, depending on the database where the article is located). Click there and type in the article title in quotations the search box provided, and it should bring up the article you want in the search results.

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