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After you pick your topic, you might find that you need to broaden or narrow it in order to fit the scope of your assignment. Try asking yourself these questions to help you think about your topic selection. These questions can also help you as you prepare to write your thesis statement and conduct your research.

  • Who am I researching? Is there a specific age group, gender, cultural group, corporation, etc.?
  • What am I researching? Think about potential causes and effects, trends, statistics, or other known issues.
  • What time period am I researching? Is the topic significant now, or is it a matter of historical debate?
  • Where is my research topic taking place? Think about particular cities, states, regions, environments (urban, rural, etc.), and locations (schools, prisons, college campuses, etc.).
  • Why does my research matter? Consider what makes it important to you, your peers, your community, and the world.

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