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You can find articles on nursing by using the Multi-Search, a database, or by using the Periodical Finder.

The Multi-Search (the search box on the library homepage) allows you to search books, e-books,  journals, magazines, newspapers, and reports available in our collection by keyword, or using the Advanced Search, by title, publication, author, and more. You can also narrow down your results by material type (e.g. journal article), location (e.g. electronic resource), Language, and more.

The A - Z Database List on our library homepage will allow you to search individual databases for articles about nursing. After clicking on the A - Z Databases page, you may choose a letter from the alphabet near the top/middle of the page to find a database by title. You can also use the "All Subjects" drop down to view a list of databases associated with a particular subject (e.g. Nursing).

Some examples of databases with access to nursing articles includes:

The Periodical Finder allows you to search for journals by title or ISSN.

You can type in the title or ISSN of a nursing journal using the search box at the top of the page, browse for nursing journals using the alphabet in the middle of the page, or browse by subject (e.g. "Health and Biological Sciences") using the drop down near the bottom of the page. If you use the browse by subject drop down, you'll be taken to a list of topics and subtopics so you can narrow down your results and get to a list of journals we have on the topic your chose.

Once you find a journal you'll see availability and location of each journal listed under the title. For example:

Journal Record Screenshot

The dates under each journal title tell you what dates we have access to this journal  (e.g. "from 04/01/2006 to present"). The location next to each date will tell you if it's available in print in the library or if it's available online via a database (e.g. "Nursing Journals@Ovid"). If you click on the location, it will tell you where exactly it's located in the library or into the database where you can access it online. 

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