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The simplest way to find local newspapers with current articles is to use the Periodical Finder.  The Periodical Finder is located on the Shapiro Library homepage. Using this tool to look up a local newspaper is useful if you know the title of the newspaper.

Here’s how to find a local newspaper using Periodical Finder:

  1. Start on the Shapiro Library homepage.  Periodical Finder is listed under “Find Articles, eBooks, & More”. 
  2. The seventh link down is Periodical Finder. Click on that link.
  3. The main page of the Periodical Finder (also called the "Electronic Journals" page) will appear.  Type in the title of your newspaper and hit the “Search” button.

    Screenshot of the periodical finder search box

  4. You will now see any link(s) to a database(s) that has articles published in this newspaper. Screenshot of a search for the Boston Globe in the periodical finder
  5. Once you click on the database link, you can now search for articles within the newspaper itself.  In this example, you can type your keywords for your search in the search box.  This example has information on the latest available issue, full-text coverage, and the date range available to search.

    Screenshot of the Boston Globe publication page in ProQuest

  6. In addition, you can narrow your search by browsing or searching one year of the newspaper at a time.

    Screenshot of where to find how to browse by year

Please note: The current issue of newspapers are not always available. Full-text for certain publications is subject to market availability. 

Another way you can look for local newspaper is to search the web for newspaper directories. Here are some newspaper directories:

  • 50  - Directory of United States newspapers in all 50 states
  • Newspaper Map  - Directory of newspapers by country from around the world
  • Online Newspapers  - Directory of newspapers by country from around the world

Public Libraries: Local public libraries are another great resource for finding local newspapers, both in print and digitally.

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