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You can subscribe to RSS feeds by using an extension added to your browser, your browser's built in-reader, or by using a reader.


You can add extensions to browsers using their web stores. To add an extension, you select the extension you want from the store and follow the prompts.

To install a RSS extension and subscribe to a RSS feed in Google Chrome:

  1. Using the Chrome browser go to the web store.  
  2. Search for RSS (The most popular is "RSS Feed Reader" by 
  3. You can easily download the extension of your choice by selecting "+ Add to Chrome."  
  4. Once downloaded the RSS icon will appear next to the web address bar. 
  5. To subscribe to a feed: 
    • If a feed is available a green plus (+) sign will appear in the RSS icon.
    • Click on the green plus (+) sign 
    • It will take you to a page that will allow you to subscribe to the feed(s)
      • For example, has 7 feeds (as of June 2017) that you can subscribe to.
    • Subscribe to the feeds you want by select the green "choose" icon

To install a RSS extension and subscribe to a RSS feed in Firefox:

  1. Using the Firefox browser go to the add-ons web store.
  2. Search for RSS (The most popular is "RSS Feed Reader")  
  3. You can easily download the extension of your choice by selecting "+ Add to Firefox."   
  4. Once downloaded the RSS icon will appear either next to the web address bar or in the address bar. 
  5. To subscribe to a feed:
    • Depending on the RSS extension you added to your browser, you can subscribe to a RSS feed by simply selecting the icon.

Note: Firefox really wants you to use their built-in read "live bookmarks" which is explained next.

Built-In Reader

Some browsers have readers built in. For example, Firefox has Live Booksmarks. Live Bookmarks will only work with sites that offer web feeds. To subscribe to a feed using live bookmarks you will have to select "Bookmarks" from the menu bar and then select "Subscribe to This Page..." which will only be enabled if the site has a web feed.

Screenshot of how to subscribe to a feed


The most popular RSS reader is Feedly.  You can use Feedly to subscribe to newspapers, magazines, blogs, YouTube channels, keyword search alerts from Google. etc.

To subscribe to a RSS feed in Feedly:

  1. You will have to register either by linking your Google or Facebook accounts or creating a separate Feedly account.  
  2. Add feeds by searching directly in Feedly.  Feedly also has an icon available that some sites and blogs will use.

Feedly offers both a "How to" page and tutorials on tips and tricks to getting the most out of your account.

Screenshot of Feedly

More information:

  • "What is RSS?" (ProBlogger) - This site explains why you should use RSS and how to use it by subscribing to feeds.
  • "RSS 101 for Beginners" (Lifewire) - Another great site that explains how to subscribe to feeds and the different types of readers (desktop, web-based, email-based, mobile feed, etc).

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