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When designing your PowerPoint presentation, remember: less is more, and simple is better! Here are a few quick tips for creating engaging and effective presentations:

  • Plan ahead. Prepare an outline of your presentation ahead of time, before you begin working on the PowerPoint slides.
  • Be consistent. Use a template to help you maintain a consistent design (colors and font styles) throughout the presentation.
  • Keep it simple. Include one message or idea per slide, and keep each slide uncluttered and easy to read. Avoid overusing special effects and flashy styles or fonts.
  • Keep it short. Use concise, bulleted lists instead of full sentences or paragraphs of text. Stick to key phrases, and only include essential information.
  • Complement your content. Add a few well-chosen, high quality images, tables, or figures that complement your text. Use them sparingly, for greater impact.

You should always check with your professor and view your assignment rubric to see if there are any specific requirements with regards to font choice, citations, formatting, or length.

More information:

For further help please contact the Wolak Learning Center at 603.645.9606 (Campus Students) and Online Writing Center at 866.721.1662 (Online Students) for assistance with creating presentations.

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