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​The suggested articles for MAT 133 are:

Social media and peer feedback: What do students really think about using Wiki and Facebook as platforms for peer feedback? by Dermirbilek in Active Learning in Higher Education.

A qualitative exploration of attitudes towards the use of outcome measures in child and adolescent mental health services by Sharples, Qin, Goveas, Gondek, Deighton, Wolpert, & Edbrook-Childs in Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry.

The financial cost of a criminal conviction: Context and consequences by Pleggenkuhle in Criminal Justice and Behavior.

Emotional intelligence, trauma severity, and emotional expression by Kao & Chen in The International Journal of Psychiatry Medicine.

Whipping it up! An analysis of audience responses to political rhetoric in speeches from the 2012 American presidential elections in Bull & Miskinis in Journal of Language and Social Psychology, 34(5), 521-538. doi:0.1177/0261927X14564466

Art expertise and the processing of titled abstract art by Mullennix & Robinet in Percpetion.

Genetics and crime: Integrating new genomic discoveries Into psychological research about antisocial behavior by Wertz, Caspi, Belsky, Beckley, Arseneault, Barnes… Moffitt in Psychological Science.

Children’s recognition of emotion in music and speech by Vidas, Dingle, & Nelson in Music & Science.

News organizations’ use of Native Videos on Facebook: Tweaking the journalistic field one algorithm change at a time by Tandoc & Maitra in New Media & Society.

Does early-life misfortune increase the likelihood of psychotropic medication use in later life? By Morton & Ferraro in Research on Aging.

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