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Permalinks in the multi-search, the main search box on the library's homepage, and EBSCO databases such as Academic Search Ultimate - EBSCO or PsycARTICLES - EBSCO can be found by following these steps once you have identified a resource you would like to retrieve in the future:

  1. Make sure you are on the resource's record page and not the page of results:

    Screenshot of a record page in an EBSCO database

  2. Find the Permalink on the right-hand side of the screen under "Tools":

    Screenshot of the Tools menu in EBSCO databases

  3. Click on Permalink and a box with the URL will open above the resource's title:

    Screenshot of where the permalink box opens in EBSCO databases

  4. Copy the permalink for future use. For example, the permalink for the resource used in the screenshots is

You may also create an EBSCO account to download eBooks and save resources to folders.

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