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Academic Video Online

Create an account with Academic Video Online, formerly Alexander St. Press: Academic Video Online, from the upper right-hand options.

Once signed in locate the video that you want to include or from which you want to create a clip.

Link to the full video 

Choose the Embed/Link option below the video player and copy and paste the URL. Remember to copy the ezproxy string in front of the database generate URL:


Bookmark a video

Clicking the bookmark option in the video player tool allows you to save the video in your list at the point where you last stopped watching the video. Useful for saving a video to finish later. View your bookmarked videos by clicking the SEARCH ALL CONTENT link at the top of the page and viewing the Clips.  

Create a Playlist 

The Playlist option allows you to add the video to an existing playlist or create a playlist.  

When you want to view or share the playlist click on the SEARCH ALL CONTENT option from the upper left-hand corner. This will display additional options including the option to view your playlists and clips.

To share a playlist click on the Embed/Link option.  Remember to copy the ezproxy string in front of the database generate URL:

To edit the playlist, click on the actual list and make changes through the links just above the notes field.

Create a Clip

Click on the scissors icon in the video player tools. Title the clip and drag the green icon on the video timeline to the right to set the start time and the red icon to the left to set the Finish time.

You may keep the clip private (shared only with yourself) and edit the clip later to share with everyone at the institution or the entire Alexander St Press community.    

Create a playlist of clips

Once you have created a clip you may add it to a playlist. Go to your clips and select the clip you want to add to a playlist. Click on the clip and then choose the playlist option which will allow you to save the clip to an existing play list or create a new playlist. I

Use the navigation to view your playlists. Click on the playlist and use the options near the top of the screen to edit the clips in the playlist, make a copy of the playlist, or use the embed/link option to share the playlist. Remember to copy the ezproxy string in front of the database generate URL:


Additional support videos on YouTube ASP:

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