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Films on Demand

Create an account with Films on Demand from upper right-hand corner.

Once signed in locate the video that you want to include or from which you want to create a clip.

Link to the full video

Use the link from the Record URL field or the "Share" tab. *Note: The link has the ezproxy prefix included – no need to add.

Bookmark a video 

Click the “Add to” tab and either create a folder or add to an existing or unassigned folder.

Create a Playlist / Add video to a playlist

Click the “Add to” tab > Add to Playlist subtab, and add all or individual segments.

Create a Clip

Click the “Custom Segment” tab

  • Set the start time by typing in the time OR navigating in the video and clicking the Set Start Time button.
  • Follow the same procedures for the End Time
  • Create a title for the custom segment

To access the clips click on the hamburger menu in the upper left-hand side. > My Films [you may also click on your username > My Films]

Create a playlist of clips 

Can’t share a folder of custom clips – need to share each clip individually


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