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Yes, there is a way that you can sort for Primary Source Documents. Here is how to accomplish that:

  1. In the Multi-Search field type in your search terms. For example: Civil Rights. Once you type in your search terms, click search.

    Screenshot of the library homepage with the search terms in the Multi-Search box.

  2. Once your results display, look on the left side and you will see the Refine Results filters. Look for the Limit by Content Type filter (if it is not expended, click on it) at the bottom of the content types, you will see a blue Show More link. Click on it.

    Screenshot of the Limit by Content Type box and Show More link.

  3. A Limit by Content Type popup window will display. Scroll in the window and look for the checkbox for Primary Source Documents and click on it. Then click the yellow Update button.


    (If you do not see a checkbox for Primary Source Documents, that means that there are not any for your topic. Not all topics have Primary Source Documents.)

    Screenshot of the popup window with the different content types, including Primary Source Documents.

  4. All your Primary Sources will then display.

    Screenshot of the results page limited to primary source results only.

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