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This case study is provided as part of your course materials.

Please go to Module 1 in your course in Brightspace and look for assignment 1-2 Final Project Review. That is where you will see the VitalSource link where you can create an account using the access code that you received when you purchased your course materials from the SNHU Online Bookstore. Note: You should have received two course codes when you purchased your course materials – one for McGraw Hill and one for Vitalsource, which has the case studies.

Once you are signed into Vitalsource, the Engstrom case study is listed at the end of the text and can be located by either searching for the name of the case study using the search function, or by locating the title of the case study in the Table of Contents.  

For additional assistance, please contact your professor or advisor and they will be able to guide you as well.

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