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IDS 100 Steps for Reading a Scholarly Article
Step Section of Article Section Contents
1 Title The title of the article identifies the main research topic or the topic being discussed in the article. 
2 Abstract The abstract of the article provides a summary of the article. 
3 Conclusion Although one would typically read the conclusion last, it is good practice to look at the conclusion of the article after you review the title and the abstract to see if the article will provide you with the information you are seeking. The conclusion often will include the main ideas and “findings” or key “takeaways” of the study. It also points out any limitations of the study and identifies where future research may be needed. 
4 Literature Reviews The literature review section explains why the research was needed and may also identify possible gaps in research. 
5 Materials and Methods This section explains step by step how the experiment or research was conducted. This allows for other scholars to duplicate the research.
6 Citations This section lists all of the sources that were referenced in the
study. It is important to check to see if the sources used are current.
7 Results and Discussion This section objectively states the results of the research. It also points out limitations of the study and can identify where future research may be needed.

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