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The A-Z Database List allows users to find and search individual databases that the library subscribes to. Users can view all the databases alphabetically, search for a database by title, or use the three dropdowns on the A-Z Database List to search for databases by subject, type, or vendor. Wave over the icons next to each database for more information about each one.

Most Useful For

  • Searching for resources within individual databases such as EBSCOhost, Project Muse, JSTOR, etc.
  • Determining which databases would be best for your research depending on the subject you are researching, the types of sources you need, or the vendor who provides the database


  • Requires users to search in each database individually to find sources--can be time consuming (with a few exceptions, e.g. EBSCOhost)
  • Requires users to determine which database would be most appropriate for their research--users who are unsure which database to use should ask a librarian by chatting, emailing or calling 844.684.0456 (toll free).

Our Recommendation

Consider using the A - Z Database List primarily when you

  • Want to save time by searching in subject-specific, source type-specific, or vendor-specific database for sources
  • Have been given a recommended database to use by a professor or librarian
  • Have either a fairly specific topic or a broad topic in mind
  • Are interested in finding a wide variety of source types.

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