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The Periodical Finder allows users to search for an individual journal by title or ISSN number. Users can also browse journals by title or by subject. The Periodical Finder allows users to see if the library has access to a journal and if so, how much access we have to it (e.g. issues from ten years ago to today) and where they can access the journal (e.g. in a database vs. in our print collection).

Most Useful For

  • Searching for individual journals by title, ISSN, or browsing journals by title or subject
  • Determining where to access a specific journal and how much access we have to a specific journal


  • Does not allow users to search within multiple journals at once (like a database does), rather to search for, access, and use individual journals (e.g. The Harvard Business Review)

Our Recommendation

Consider using the Periodical Finder primarily when you:

  • Have a specific journal in mind that you'd like use
  • Want to know if we have access to a specific journal
  • Want to know if there are multiple access points for a journal
  • Want to browse all the journals we have an a particular subject (e.g. Biology)

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