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The proper way to cite MindEdge resources can vary by department, course, and instructor, so always be sure to check with your professor about how they would like you to cite MindEdge resources. However, the following are examples of how MindEdge resources could be cited based on the APA citation manual guidelines:

References Page

General eBook Format 

Author, A. A. (Date). Title of book. Source. DOI

NOTE: When the publisher is the same as the author, omit the publisher from the Source element.

For Example

MindEdge, Inc. (2022). HRM-360: Data and Human Resource Management.

NOTE: If an eBook does not have a DOI, just leave that part off the citation.

Corresponding In-Text Citation

(MindEdge, 2022)

MindEdge (2022)

NOTE: APA Style This link opens in a new window provides several ways (including heading or section names and/or paragraph numbers) to directly quote from material that does not contain page numbers.

More Examples


This information is intended to be a guideline, not expert advice. Please be sure to speak to your professor about the appropriate way to cite sources in your class assignments and projects.


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