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Cookies and Cache

Sometimes you may get an error message when attempting to access library resources. Your browser may remember old versions of a website, and that can cause issues with access. 
The first step is to clear your cookies and cache. Below are links to instructions for clearing out cookies and cache for commonly used browsers:

OpenAthens uses cookies. If your browser is blocking them, please set your browser to accept cookies from:



OpenAthens has stopped supporting Internet Explorer, but it supports the latest versions of Edge, Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari. See the OpenAthens Browser policy for more information

Cannot Complete Request Error Message

What it Means: The OpenAthens is not aware of the resource that you are trying to access.

How to Resolve: Contact  to see if the resource can be set up via OpenAthens.

Bad Message 431 Error Message

What it Means: Too many cookies/cache have built up as a result of executing links.

How to Resolve: Clear the cache and cookies on your browser for at least a week or longer.

Bad Request Error

If you receive a Bad Request error message, it could mean you have an improperly formatted link to a library resource. The library can assist with locating the resource and provide you with the correct link. If you have encountered this issue, please contact the 

Request Error

"We are sorry that we cannot complete your request"

If you receive a message that is similar to the below request, but you were using a library resource such as EBSCO Discovery Service or EDS to get to an article or site proceed to the requested website link mentioned in the message.

Error message - We are sorry that we cannot complete your request 

Permission Error

If you receive a message that is similar to the below screen, there is restricted access to the resources. Please contact the

Screenshot of error message that states that the access to the resource has been restricted

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