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Accessing Business Insights: Essentials - Gale

You can access Business Insights: Essentials - Gale This link opens in a new window by following these steps:

  1. Select A-Z Database List on the library homepage under "Quick Links"
  2. Choose "B" from the alphabet
  3. Find "Business Insights: Essentials - Gale" on the list of databases available there.

Using the Business Insights: Essentials - Gale Database

  1. To use the basic search type your keywords into the search box.  Keywords can also be specific companies, industries, topics, or markets. 
  2. From your search results, click on the title of an article or item you are interested in to see information about the resource and the full text.
  3. Above the full text, there is a "Download" button where you can get the PDF, and a "Cite" button to get a full citation in APA, MLA, or Chicago Style.

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