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You can find Harvard Business Review using the Periodical Finder and then search within the journal for the article you need. The periodical finder allows users to search for an individual journal by title or ISSN number.

Follow these directions to find an article from Harvard Business Review:

  1. From the library's homepage, click on the "Periodical Finder" link.
  2. In the periodical finder, use the search box at the top to search for Harvard Business Review (Note: do not search for Harvard Business Reviews--this will bring up no results).
  3. A list of databases where you can access Harvard Business Review will appear (either in print or in a database) depending on when the article you are trying to find was published.
    • For example, if you wanted to find an article published between 10/1/1922 and the present, you could use "Business Source Ultimate".

      A screenshot of Harvard Business Review's entry in the Periodical Finder. The databases in which full-text can be found are listed below the title.

  4. Click on the link next to the database you would like to use (if you choose "Shapiro Library Print Journal Collection" you will be taken to a page with information on where you can find the print version of Harvard Business Review within the library).
  5. After clicking on a database name (e.g. Business Source Ultimate) you will be taken into the database and may browse or search the journal (Note: different databases may have different search options).

    Screenshot of page where you can search or browse Harvard Business Review

  6. If you know the title of the journal you are looking for, click on the "Search within this publication" link (if you don't know the title of the article you need, you can also use this link to go to the advanced search and look up an article by author or use the browse area to find the article by date or volume/issue).
  7. Using the boolean operator AND, add the title of the article you are looking for in quotations after JN: "Harvard Business Review" in the search box. Then click "Search"

    Screenshot of the search box in the Business Source Ultimate database.

    • JN: "Harvard Business Review" ensures that the search engine will only look for results within Harvard Business Review and putting the title of the article in quotation marks help ensure that you find an exact match for the title.
    • If you don't get any results or don't find the article you need but you're sure it's available in Harvard Business Review, try double-checking that the title of the article is correct and has no spelling errors, try removing any punctuation from within the title, or try searching for the title without quotation marks.
  8. ​If successful, you should see the article you searched for appear in the results list. You can click on the title of the article for more information or use the "Full Text" link under the article information to open it and start reading.

    Screenshot of search results


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