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Citing a website in Chicago style requires you to include much of the same information you would including in citing a print resource like author(s)/editor(s), title of website, publisher information, etc. This information can be difficult to find on a website so you may have to look around  a bit to find the information. Chicago style also requires that you include the date you accessed the website and/or publication date (if available), and the website's URL.  For detailed information please visit: 14.207: Citing web pages and websites.


General format 


1. Firstname Lastname, “Title of Web Page,” Publishing Organization or Name of Website, publication date and/or access date if available, URL.

Shortened note (after it has been used once):

4. Lastname, "Shortened title."

Bibliographical Entry (don't forget to indent second and subsequent lines):

Lastname, Firstname. “Title of Web Page.” Publishing Organization or Name of Website. Publication date and/or access date if available. URL.

Web Page, Author

1. Kathie Nunley, "The Caffeine Craze of Youth," Layered Curriculum, accessed July 28, 2008.

Nunley, Kathie. "The Caffeine Craze of Youth." Layered Curriculum. Accessed July 28, 2008.

Web Page, Group Author

3. United Nations Platform for Action Committee, “Globalization and Clothes,” Women and the Economy, last modified March 2011,

United Nations Platform for Action Committee, “Globalization and Clothes,” Women and the Economy, last modified March 2011,

Web Page, No Author

8. “About SNHU,” Southern New Hampshire University, accessed October 13, 2017,

Southern New Hampshire University. “About SNHU.” Accessed October 13, 2017.

NOTE: According to the Citation Quick Guide Website entry, the format changes between notes and bibliography for web pages without an author.

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Further Help

This information is intended to be a guideline, not expert advice. Please be sure to speak to your professor about the appropriate way to cite sources in your class assignments and projects.

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University of Chicago. (2017). The Chicago Manual of Style. University of Chicago Press.

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