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The 6 printers available in on the first and second floor of the Wolak library learning commons can copy/scan (4 in Black and White, 2 in Color). Costs for copying/printing are as follows:

Students and Faculty

  • Black and White Print/Copy (Double-Sided) - 7.5¢ per side
  • Black and White Print/Copy (Single-Sided) - 10¢ per side
  • Color Print/Copy (Double-sided) - 40¢ per side
  • Color Print/Copy (Single-Sided) - 50¢ per side 


  • Black and White Print/Copy (Double-Sided) - 12.5¢ per side
  • Black and White Print/Copy (Single-Sided) - 15¢ per side
  • Color Print/Copy (Double-sided) - 62.5¢ per side 
  • Color Print/Copy (Single-Sided) - 75¢ per side 

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