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EasyBib is a citation generator tool which can also allow users to create a personal database of bibliographic references and automatically format a bibliography with citations in APA, MLA, or Chicago style.

With a free student account you can:

  • Save Unlimited Citations
  • Automatically create citations for 22 source types
  • Cite up to 56 Source Types!  

Southern New Hampshire University Shapiro Library's EasyBib EDU coupon code is: SouthNH515

Note: On August 31, 2018, EasyBib will retire EasyBib EDU, their subscription product for institutions. It will not be replaced. Please see their FAQ "EasyBib EDU Sunsetting Frequently Asked Questions" for more information. Individual subscribers only get free access to MLA citations. APA and Chicago styles will require premium access

Here's how to export your notecards and outline from a Notebook:

  1. Open the Notebook you wish to save
  2. Click on Print in the top row of buttons
  3. Select what you want to print:
    • Outline for only your outline
    • With Notes Data if you want to include the information on each notecard placed in the outline
    • Notes if you want to only print your notecards
    • You can select all three to include all information in the notebook.
  4. Select how you want it organized:
    • By Group for notecards placed into groups
    • By Tag for notecards that share tags
    • By Source for notecards that share the source tagged to the notecard​
    • By Date for when notecards were added 
  5. Click Next and a new tab will open (make sure your browser allows pop ups) with your notebook data in text form. You can print this page, or select the text to copy and paste to another window or document.

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