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SNHU students are given a printing allotment based on their student status. Please log in to Penmen Print to print via the web, check your account balance, or add additional funds to your account.

Instructions for Printing from the Library, Labs, and Classrooms:

  1. Open the document and go to "File" then "Print".
  2. Choose either the Toshiba Color (for Color prints) or HP BnW (for black and white prints).
  3. Click "Print".
  4. Your print job has now been sent to the queue (it will not automatically start printing - you need to release it first).
  5. Follow the steps below “To Release Your Print Job from the Printer” to have the document begin printing.

To Release your Print Job From the Printer:

  1. Go to desired printer -- each printer is equipped with a touchpad control for releasing print jobs.
  2. Enter your SNHU username (without the and password or if you have an SNHU ID card with a proxy chip, tap or swipe your SNHU ID card on the reader.
    • If your ID card doesn’t work you will need to enter your SNHU username and password on the touchpad.
    • The first time you tap or swipe your card you will be asked to enter your SNHU username (without the and password to associate your card to your account.
  3. Select the job(s) you want to print.
  4. Click "Print Job(s)" or "Print All" if you want to print everything in your queue.

To Print from your Personal Computer:

Please see Installation Instructions to download the printer driver software to Windows. Mac users will need to follow Instructions for Web Print.

You may also use web printing online via Penmen Print without installing software. Visit the Penmen Print page for more information.

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