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When selecting a topic for your research, ask yourself the following questions before selecting a topic:

  • Will it sustain my interest?
  • Am I choosing a topic because it seems easy or my friends are doing it?
  • Does it fit the parameters of my assignment?
  • How much time to you have and how long does the assignment need to be?
  • Is credible information on this topic readily available?

One major way many people choose a topic for their assignment is through brainstorming. Talk about ideas with classmates and friends, consider your personal interests, review class readings, and browse current periodicals or books on your subject.

Try one of these tools from the Shapiro Library and the web to help you brainstorm and choose a topic:

Keep in mind that topics for research assignments may change over time and as you learn more about your area of interest, the resources available on your topic, and your assignment.

Check out Choose a Research Topic or the video below for more information.

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