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Sometimes, when you copy a link for an article in a library database, or when you email an article to yourself, the database fails to include the library's proxy server prefix and you will get an error.

Please follow these steps to be sure you are using persistent links for library resources:

First, find the persistent or durable link for the article or search you are trying to save, share, or send. Simply copying and pasting the URL from your browser's address bar does NOT generally work. Instead, look for links that say "persistent", "static", "durable", "permalink", or "DOI."

For directions on how to locate persistent links in some of our different library databases, see our research guide on linking library resources. (Scroll down for a list of databases)

Once you have located the persistent link, you MIGHT need to add the library's proxy server prefix. The proxy system the library uses for off-campus access requires links that begin with a special prefix. If you are not sure whether a link includes the proxy server prefix, examine the link. If the following is listed at the beginning of the link, the proxy server prefix is included:

For example, if you are trying to access this link:, you can make it work from off-campus by adding the prefix like this:

Alternatively, you can use our handy link generator to easily create proxied URLs that will work from off-campus.

You may also want to consider:

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