How to Use the Online Library Catalog


How to Use the Online Library Catalog

You can search for books and eBooks by using the Online Library Catalog. The catalog is a list of all the print resources the library has (including print books, print journals, video games, audio books, and more) and also includes a record for most of our eBooks.

If you are looking for a list of all our eBooks collections, check out the What if I Just Want eBooks? page.

How to Search for Books & eBooks Using the Online Library Catalog

  1. Go to the Online Library Catalog by clicking on the link provided. Alternatively, you can use the search box on the Find Books & Ebooks page.
  2. Locate the search box and using the dropdown provided, choose whether you would like to search for books and eBooks by keyword, author, title, etc.

The default choice is to search by keyword--this is usually a good choice if you have a topic in mind that you'd like to search for (e.g. books on Hinduism). More information on using a keyword search to find books on a topic.

Choose author or title if you have a specific book in mind and you know either the authors name or the title of the book (e.g. you are searching for the book "The Da Vinci Code").

  1. Enter your search terms in the search box and click "Search" or "Submit".
  2. Your search results should appear in a list in order of relevancy (i.e. the resources that are most relevant to your search terms will be listed at the top).

When viewing the results, notice the resource icons to the left of each entry. These icons will tell you what type of material you are looking at (e.g. books, ebooks, streaming video, etc.):

Books Icon   eBooks Icon   Games Icon   Audio Books Icon   Streaming Video Icon

For each result, you should see title, author, and some publication information. Additionally, if the resource is a print material you should see a box with the location, call number and availability (status) of the material:

Screenshot of a Sample Catalog Record

The location tells you where the material is physically located in the library. If you don't know what a location means, click on it for more detailed information. The call number is used to look up the book on the shelf. If you don't know how to look up a book by call number, check out the Understanding Call Numbers video This link opens in a new window or ask for help at the information desk at 603.645.9605 or Finally, the status tells you if the material is available for check out, if it's only available to be used inside the library, when the material is due back (if someone else has it checked out), etc.

Once you've found a book or eBook you'd like to use you may choose to:

  • Write down the call number and if the status indicates it is available, go get it to use or take home. Print materials only.
  • "Request" it be placed on hold for you or sent to you (Online/Continuing Education only). Print materials only.
  • Open and read it by clicking on the title of the eBook, then selecting the link on the record which provides electronic access. eBooks and other electronic materials only.

For example, click on this link in the eBook record to open the eBook and start reading:

Screenshot of a Sample Catalog Detailed Record

Using the Online Library Catalog's Advanced Search

If you are unable to find the books and eBooks you're looking for in the Online Library Catalog or your search is bringing back to many results or results that aren't what you need, you may want to try using the catalog's Advanced Search.

The advanced search allows you to search multiple fields for different keywords (e.g. search a book's title for "Social Responsibility" and its subject for "Environmental Impact") and to use limiters. Limiters are criteria you can use to limit your search results (e.g. limit results by material type, language, publication date, etc.). Click here for more information on using limiters.

To use the online library catalog's advanced search, go to the Online Library Catalog and use the dropdown on the right-hand side of the screen to select "Advanced Keyword Search". When you open the dropdown, you'll also notice additional search options such as an ISBN search, a call number search, and more.

More Help

Check out these FAQs for more assistance using the online library catalog. Additionally, visit our Search Tips page for more help finding books and eBooks.

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