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Library database translation options

If you found the document within one of our library databases, look for a translation tool within the database.  For example, most HTML full text documents, have a translation option that looks like this once you click the title of the document: 

Screenshot showing the translation tool on an article originally published in French.

Our Gale Database also has a translation tool. 

Screenshot showing where to find the translation tool in the gale platform

Browser translation options

If you don’t see a translation tool or option within the database, see if your browser has a translate option.  For example, if you click on a Full Text Finder link for an article within our library and it leads you to the full text of the article in our Science Direct database, try right clicking anywhere on the page and you should see a menu with a Translate to English option.

Screenshot of an article in the ScienceDirect database with the right click menu open.

Google Translate

Google Translate does offer a document translation option that is free.  It is machine-generated and there will undoubtedly be errors, but it should allow you to get the gist of your document.

Ask for Help!

Please contact a librarian if you would like assistance looking for an English translation.  In some cases, we may be able to help. For example, we often hear from students looking for an English translation of the Italian poem, “Stanze per la giostra” by Poliziano. We have the English translation by David Quint in our library print collection.  We can mail it to online students within 1-3 business days. Please see our Off-Campus Library Services Information guide for more information on borrowing Shapiro Library materials.

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