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There are a couple of ways that you can find the article, "Do Nurses Eat Their Young? Truth and Consequences" by Penny Sauer but one of the most straightforward ways would be to use the Multi-Search box on our library homepage. The Multi-Search searches multiple databases at the same time, so if you're not sure what journal or database this article might be located in, it's a good starting place to "cast a wide net".

To access the article:

  1. Try typing "Do Nurses Eat Their Young? Truth and Consequences" with quotation marks (when searching for the title of an article/book it's often a good idea to put it in quotations) into the Multi-Search box on the library homepage.

    Screenshot of searching for the article

  2. Hopefully, the results will display the article you're looking for and if so, click on the title of the article to see more information and to access the full text of the article.
  3. If the article you're looking for does not appear, make sure the title is spelled correctly, try searching for just "do nurses eat their young", add the author's name (e.g. "do nurses eat their young" and Sauer) please contact the Reference Desk through chat or by email at for help. 

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