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You can search for books and eBooks using the Online Library Catalog This link opens in a new window by following these steps:

  1. From the library homepage, hover over the Find Articles, eBooks & More link in the main navigation menu. Select Online Library Catalog from the drop-down menu. You can also access the Online Library Catalog from the Find Books & eBooks page.

    Screenshot of library home page. Find Articles, eBooks & More has a yellow box around it. The drop-down menu is showing and there are two yellow arrows. One arrow is pointing at Find Books & eBooks. The other yellow arrow is pointing to Online Library Catalog.

  2. Locate the search box and using the drop-down menu provided, choose whether you would like to search for books and eBooks by keyword, author, title, etc.

    • The default choice is to search by keyword--this is usually a good choice if you have a topic in mind that you would like to search for (for example, books on Hinduism). See the FAQ: How do I use a keyword search to find sources on my topic? for more information.
    • Choose author or title if you have a specific book in mind and you know either the author's name or the title of the book (for example, you are searching for the book title, "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings"). If you choose author, be sure to put the author's last name first and then the first name.

      Screenshot of Find Books & Ebooks page. There's a yellow arrow pointing to the title option in the drop-down menu next to the search box. Within the search box is the title "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings."

  3. Enter your search terms in the search box and click Search.
  4. Your search results should appear in a list in order of relevancy, which means that the resources that are most relevant to your search terms will be listed at the top.
    • When viewing the results, notice the resource icons to the left of each entry. These icons will tell you what type of material you are looking at (for example, Book [print], E-Book, Streaming Video, etc.):

      Resource icons for books, ebooks, games, video

    • For each result, you should see the title, author, and some publication information. Additionally, if the resource is a print material you should see a box with the location, call number and status (availability) of the material:

      Screenshot of the "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" record in the Online Library Catalog

    • The location tells you where the material is physically located in the library. The call number is used to find the book on the shelf. The status tells you if the material is available (IN), if it is only available to be used inside the library (LIB USE ONLY), or when the material is due back (if someone else has it checked out), etc.
  5. If you find a print book you would like to use and:
    • You are physically in the library - write down the call number and if the status says it is available (IN), go to the shelf to locate the book. You can use the book immediately or you can check it out and take it home with you. If you would like assistance looking for a book by call number, please ask for help at the Information Desk.
    • You are not physically in the library -  request it by placing it on hold or have it sent to you.
  6. If you find an eBook you would like to use you may choose to:
    • Open and read it by clicking on the title of the eBook, then selecting the link on the record that provides electronic access.
      • For example, click on this link in the eBook record to open the eBook and start reading:

        Sample detailed record of an ebook with a red arrow pointing to the words "an electronic book accessible through the World Wide Web; click to view"

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