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We recommend that you begin your research by using our "Company and Industry Information" databases. To get to these databases follow these steps:

  1. Go to the library home page.
  2. Click on the A-Z Database List link (on the left under the Quick Links section).
  3. Look for the "All Subjects" drop down menu above the alphabet list.
  4. Open the drop down and select Company and Industry Information from the list.

Try something like our Marketline Advantage database, which has a lot of information about specific companies and SWOT analysis.

For the political factor you may want to try industry databases like IBIS World and First Research (First Research is available from within the Mergent Intellect database).

  • In IBIS, type in your industry name into the search box and you'll see a list of possible industry reports that are relevant.  Regulatory information can be found under the Operating Conditions tab up at the top of the report on the right hand side.
  • In Mergent Intellect, scroll down on the homepage and you will see the "First Research" section in the bottom left corner. Click the Submit button on the left hand side to access their information. Just type your company name into the search box and it will bring you to the relevant reports. You may find content addressing regulation in the “Finance & Regulation” (expand “Industry Overview” to see this section), “Critical Issues”, “Business Challenges” or “Business Trends” sections.

By scrolling through these two reports you will also see information that will help you with the other factors. This research guide from Ohio University will really help you to isolate the parts of each report that focus in on each specific factor (Note: please don't click on the links provided in this guide because they are only accessible for Ohio U students). You will need to use the links provided above to find the databases that are mentioned in this guide.  

Also, you can search for some of the other databases mentioned in this guide by using the A-Z Database List search feature or you can click on the letter from the alphabet list that begins the name of that particular database. For example, we have S&P Net Advantage and you can find it listed under the letter N for Net Advantage.  

If you are looking at a specific country, check out our Country Information research guide here. If you expand the Electronic Resources section over on the left hand side, you will see that we have broken down the types of information you might need about the country and provided links to databases that provide this information.  For example, the “Political Situation, Country Risk, and Trade Regulations” section might be a good one to investigate for the Political Factor of your research.

If you still need assistance after trying these suggestions, please contact the Reference Desk and we can offer additional suggestions.

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